ISSN: 1011-727X
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Yusuf Şarınay

Keywords: Pontus, Greece


Pontus or Pont Euxım is a name given to the Black Sea by the ancient Greeks. Although the name Pontus is generally used for the Eastern Black Sea coast, the area it describes has changed from time to time, as Yeşilırmak, Kızılırmak and Kelkit basin Pontus counted, this area expanded further and spread from the Caucasus in the East to the Sinop beyond the entire Black Sea coast. In close periods, this region is considered to be composed of Samsun and Trabzon beaches and hinterlands. In this region, the historical Kingdom of Pontus BC. It was founded in 301 by the Persian origin Mithridates. This state, also known as the Pont state, reached a power that might have been the rival of the Roman Empire in the era (BC). However, this kingdom, which was divided into three parts by the Roman armies in 66 BC, was eliminated in 63 BC. Later, in the Eastern Black Sea region, the Trabzon State (1207-1461) was founded with the weakening of Eastern Rome, namely Byzantine.