ISSN: 1011-727X
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Cemal Avcı

Keywords: Tekâlif-i Harbiye, Tekâlif-i Milliye, tax


Wars are the events that require the extraordinary economic measures that upset the normal economic balances of the countries and which cannot be continued with the possibilities at hand. Equipping a large army in terms of supplies and ammunition is the biggest problem of the countries, especially in times when it is necessary to have combat devices that increase costs and varieties as the technique develops and when more than one front is fought. When the Ottoman Empire, which collapsed economically, also faced the Balkan War during the Tripoli War, it ended the Tripoli War, albeit under adverse conditions, and devoted all its strength to the Balkan War. However, the corrupt financial order and the war that has been going on for a while caused the Ottoman administration to seek unusual financial resources.