ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmet Giritli

Keywords: Turkish States, Turkish Model, Republic of Turkey, Ataturkist model


Recently, Turkey and the Western public, of Turkish origin to be proposed for Muslim countries, "Turkish Model" than to speak, is becoming increasingly widespread. The first reason, particularly during the Gulf Crisis, Turkey in any of the outside of the Middle East Muslim countries, "Liberal Democratic Regime" with - rich outcome is to rely on oil resources of registration Ile- a self-sustaining market economy to realize that the present does. However, according to the same environment, if today the Republic of Turkey, the Islamic political world, economic and cultural aspects of the only contemporary country with the statement of -v Economist magazine "Islamic Star" n If creating, understanding that the correct Islamic teachings and interpretations by Turkey to the fanaticism of the claw-saving and but secular respectful of religion "Kemalist model" is to the borrower. on the other hand, today the world has entered with the end of the Soviet empire into a new order and balance-seeking, NATO, UN To look at institutions like AT and OECD from a new angle and rethink our place in the world The necessity to be born was born. Indeed, the Caucasus and proclaimed the independence of the Central Asian Turkish origin republics building relationships with the outside world, Turkey is the work başla¬, heads of state came to Ankara, they look at Turkey in every field and help say they expect.