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Müjgan Cunbur

Keywords: Ataturk period, Women, Women's Education


National Struggle in a continued tough days of Ataturk, we find another area in preparation of a new war, III March 1922 during the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. When opening the Year of the Assembly, he said: "Attention will be given to our women to be trained through the same degree." sentence is like the first messenger of the importance of giving importance to the education of women, in other words, "fighting ignorance" about the education of women. Naturally, "ignorance" in those years was not only a woman-specific arbitrariness. As a matter of fact, in Ataturk's famous Izmir speech, he said: "Masters, it is common if there is ignorance in our country. It is not only for our women, but also for our men. " he will be revived in our memories immediately. Women's education is a subject that dates back to ancient times and was developed during the Atatürk period and is emphasized today. In most of the long history of women's education, there is a period of gaining oral culture transferred from mother to daughters. It is noteworthy that sometimes fathers participated in this training and tried to teach their daughters the science of their ages. As a matter of fact, it is known that fathers in Kutadgu Bilig pointed out the need to educate my daughters.