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Kadir Kasalak

Keywords: Erzurum Congress, Mandate and Patronage, press discussions


Erzurum Congress was opened on 23 July 1919 with delay. 24 delegates from Erzurum, 17 from Trabzon, 10 from Sivas, 3 from Bitlis, and 2 from Van attended the congress, which looks like a Erzurum-Trabzon congress. Elazig Governor Ali Galip prevented delegates from Elazig, Diyarbakir and Mardin from attending the congress. Mustafa Kemal was elected as the chairman of the congress, but although there were reactions to this situation, there was no big problem. The objections to Mustafa Kemal and Rauf Bey were mostly because they were soldiers. Mustafa Kemal opened the congress with a speech and addressed the problems in the country. Referring to the general situation in the world, Mustafa Kemal said the following about the special situation: "Let me supply it to be a pathetic truth here that there is a lot of foreign currency in our country and there are many propaganda. The aim is obviously to make the national movement unsuccessful; It is to simplify the aims of nationalizing the national ambitions, seizing Greek, Armenian ambitions and some important homeland parts. However, as it has always occurred in every country and every time, there are also lows who are stateless, at the same time seeking comfort and personal interests at the detriment of the homeland and the nation, as well as those whose hearts and borders are weak. Our enemies, who are very skilled in conducting Eastern affairs and looking for and finding weak spots, have made this an organization in our country. "