ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Suat Akgül

Keywords: Paris Conference, World War, Treaty of Sevre, Turkey


First Allied countries during World War II, with many occasions in the territories belonging to Turkey or central power annexation direction that any requests no, that many Turkish and poor management of the Germans from a proliferation of objectives (!) Reported that the freedom of peoples. The fact that the U.S. went into war gave this idea even more importance. When U.S. President W. Wilson introduced the "Fourteen Articles" on January 8, 1918, he wanted to become an Important power by obtaining influence zones in the post-war world. When the world war ended, it brought with it three important events. The first is that the oil industry established by the British in the same setting as the developed industry in America is in large accounts. The second is that America does not use its own resources and turns to foreign sources and as a result, it awakens the powers in Europe. As the third; After the war, new policies emerged in the Middle East. Thus, it led to the development and multiplication of various games used by the Guided Systems and Western powers in this region.