Ahmet Avanas

Keywords: The years of armistice, I. World War, 2. Army


At the end of the First World War, there were the 2nd, 3rd and 7th Army of the Osmanh State on the Southern Front and the Lightning Armies Group that these armies were affiliated with. The Commander of the 2nd Army was Nihat (Anılı) Pasha, and the 7th Army Commander was Mustafa Kemal from 7 August 1918 The Commander of the Lightning Armies Group Commander, whom we said was connected to both armies, was Liman von Sanders. However, the Ottoman State signed the Mondros Armistice on 30 October 1918, which contained very heavy military and political items. Located in various stages of the Ottoman army in accordance with the provisions of the Armistice he had to leave the German military officers and generals from Turkey. As per this provision in the armistice, German Genaral Liman von Sanders, the Commander of the Lightning Armies Group, handed over his duty to the 7th Army Commander Mustafa Kemal in Adana on October 31, 1918.