ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Yücel Özkaya

Keywords: Atatürk, İzmir Assassination, 1926


An important part of the reforms took place in 1925 and early 1926. Meanwhile, the Progressive Party was closed by being seen about the reaction. Altitude waves were occasionally seen in the middle. Those who could not survive the past, united around self-interested thoughts, were involved in a number of studies against the republic and its president. Meanwhile, Gazi came to Konya on May 8, 1926, to Tarsus on May 9, and to Tarsus on May 10, after staying five days at his farm in Taşucu Bay, to Adana on May 16, 18. He came to Konya again in May, to Bursa on 20 May 1920 and to Balıkesir on 13 June. Gazi, who passed to Mudanya for a while, listened to the Delegation of the Scholars of Music in the ball, which was honored in Balıkesir on 13 June and attended by more than fifty people. When he passed from Balıkesir to İzmir on June 14, he received the news from İzmir Governor that an assassination was carried out against him in İzmir. The son of Kadi Hurşit, who had been with Mustafa Kemal in the national war of independence, was also among those who would attempt to assassinate Mustafa Kemal on the night of June 14. Due to his father's services, Mustafa Kemal had elected Ziya Hurşit as the deputy of Rize to the Grand National Assembly in 1920. After the capture of the assassins, Mustafa Kemal set out for İzmir on June 15 at 19,000. On June 16, Soma stopped by Menemen and arrived in Izmir on June 16 at 18:00.