ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Gülden Ertuğrul

Keywords: Ataturk, Women's Rights, Turkish Woman


Atatürk approached women as well as men from a humanitarian point of view, and made a contemporary leap to ensure that women were kept equal with men in civil, political and cultural rights. The first condition for being a modern society and establishing a modern rule of law was to recognize and respect the rights of women as a citizen and a free person. Because the concept of women and men together created and gave meaning to this concept together. Acting with this understanding, the Atatürk revolution has given Turkish women my social and political rights neglected for centuries. Before and during the War of Independence, which determined the existence of the Turkish people, Ataturk, who evaluated the devoted contributions of the Turkish woman very well, gave her the rights she deserved to win, and brought her to her respected status in the society she longed for. Ataturk believed that the use of political and social rights by women was necessary because it would provide happiness and dignity to humanity. He wanted the Turkish woman to work for peace and security by giving her hand to the world woman.