ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Sevda Mutlu

Keywords: Atatürk, GNAT Opening Speeches, The Content Analysis


The subject of this study is the content analysis of Atatürk's Assembly opening speeches. In this study, the subject has been limited in a manner to put forward Atatürk's views, ideology and strategies on the transition from the Constitutional Period to the Republic Period. The purpose of the study is to do content analysis of Atatürk's GNAT Opening Speeches and trace the transition strategies from the Constitutional Period to the Republic Period. This study aims at doing both the quantitative and qualitative content analysis of Atatürk's Assembly opening speeches, determining which concepts Atatürk uses with which frequency and in which contexts and thus putting forward his thoughts and policies. The data of the study consists of twenty Assembly opening speech texts which Atatürk had given between the years 1920-1938. The content analysis of data has been carried out in Maxqda 11 computer program. In the first phase, the quantitative analysis of data has been carried out and with the identification of word frequencies, the words which have been used frequently have been determined. In the next phase, the qualitative analysis of these frequently used words has been carried out and it has been determined and interpreted in which context and meaning these words have been used. Shortly, according to the results acquired in the study in terms of the frequency of the used concepts, it has been determined that Atatürk's Assembly opening speeches can be separated into three periods in relation to their context. 1 - The Preparation Phase to Independence: 24 April 1920 Assembly Opening Speech: The speech in which Atatürk motivated the assembly for the independence of the state and the nation on the basis of the independence of the Caliphate and the Sultanate. 2 -Independence Phase: 1 March 1921 - 1 March 1922 - 1 March 1923 Assembly Opening Speeches: Atatürk's speeches in which he brought the Turkish peoples concept to the foreground and motivated in his own words the rights of the races, as the real rightful owners of the country without separating them from each other to the independence struggle itself. 3 - Foundation Phase: 13 August 1923 - 1 November 1938 Assembly Opening Speeches: The speeches where the Turkish Nation concept came to the fore on the basis of Nation-state policy in the phase after the National struggle has been won.