Leyla Kaplan

Keywords: Republİc, Protecting The Tukish Beauty Association, Society, Westernization, Reforming, Woman, Clothes, (dress with veil- shect)


Protecting the Turkish beauty ass, which takes place among the associations founded before the declaration of the Republİc, was founded wİth the aim of directing the public who suffers from being congested between East and West standards of judgement and who experiences confusion (complexity) an every respect (of life). The Association, aiming to form a new aspect, a new style of living wıth in the framevvork of Westernizatİon in the fîelds such as architecture, fine arts, home decoration and external appearance, worked on the fîeld of "external appearance" of Turkish people. The association worked on re-forming (changing) Tukish Women's external appearance but the efforts dİdn't gİve any possitİve result; becouse of that unfortunately the association ended its strugle.