ISSN: 1011-727X
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İsmet Görgülü

Keywords: Ataturk, Ataturk's Orders, Ataturk's Reports


Çanakkale land battles started on 25 April 1915. Atatürk participated in these battles for 7 months and 15 days without interruption until 10 December 1915 from this date. 19th Division Command and Arıbumu Forces Command in Arıbumu region between 25 April and 8 August; Between the 8th of August and the 10th of December, he was the Army Commander of Anafartalar Group. Even the greatest master of warfare, the commander told the history of the battles that took place in his region in his interview with Ruşen Eşref in 1918 with his two important works, "The Battle of the Battle of Arıburnu" and "History of the Battle of Anafartalar". In his narration, he based every issue and event on the document, as in Nutuk, and gave many important order-report documents related to the operation. We have witnessed the existence of orders and reports that were not included in the aforementioned works in our examination of the works written later, based on the archive documents on the subject. This shows that the great Leader did not use all of the orders and reports he gave in the battles of Çanakkale in his works and opened a research door. Since every order and report of Him is a marvel of literary military and unique examples, we decided to find what they did not use in their works. In the first stage of the research, we found 41 orders and reports. Of these, 11 were obtained from published sources, and 30 from unpublished sources and archive documents. 21 of the first published ones were removed from the military warfare of the 19th Division between 24 and 26 July 1915. Due to the 75th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory, we present some of the orders and reports that Atatürk did not use in his works.