ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Ergün Aybars

Keywords: National Struggle, British Press, Treaty of Sevr, Treaty of Lausanne


I presented the first part of the same subject (1919-1920) at the "International Atatürk Symposium" held in 1987. Based on my reviews in The Times, The Observes and Manchester Guardian Newspapers, I tried to reveal the National Struggle and Mustafa Kemal's evaluation of these three important British newspapers between 1919-1920. The impact of these newspapers on the public is very important. In this paper, I chose New Statesman, which is a particularly important weekly political magazine due to the importance it attaches to the Middle East and Mandate Systems and its effective comments on this issue. I have reviewed the 1920-1923 issues of the magazine. I will also try to compare it with other newspapers I have reviewed before. In other British daily newspapers, we see that much attention is not paid to the National Struggle. For example, the place that the Daily Mail devotes to the National Struggle in these three years does not exceed a few stories. The reason my research I chose the New Statesman magazine, the magazine not only political weight, the problem of Turkey and Middle East issues that move in oil is highly relevant in interpreting and addressing the relationship.