ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Kemal Arı

Keywords: Turkish-Greek Exchange, İzmir, Greek Square Battle, 1923


As the winter of 1923 returned to winter, the development line of the multi-faceted Turkish Revolution's identical society, the dimension of creating a national state had entered an important phase. With the "Commander-in-Chief Battle of the Battle", which Mustafa Kemal Pasha described as "Battle of the Square Tested by the Greek", destroyed the "power of war" of the colonial enemy armies in an unbelievably short time, giving the Turks who wanted to be crushed and taken under colonial for a long time, whether the fight lives as a nation of the Turks up-down three and a half years, "national revival" they are working towards as "sublime and holy" purpose, the nation's public and partners' efforts and him met "and resulted in new Turkey's" national revival process " had entered a new stage. While Anatolia was "tathîr" even from the last breath of the Greek Army, the Anatolian Greeks, who once cooperated with a religious motif such as "Resurrection of Christ", started to leave Anatolia, and suddenly increased. The demographic momentum created an important opportunity for the Turks to cut through a wound that has long been gangrenous and to create an identical society. On 30 January 1923, in accordance with the "Agreement and Protocol Agreement on the Turkish-Greek Population Exchange" signed in Lausanne, the Orthodox Greeks outside Istanbul and Muslim Turks outside Western Thrace were forced to immigrate.