ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İsmet Giritli

Keywords: Kemalism, Secularism, revolutions


The mistake that those who think about secularism in our country usually make is; secularism in Turkey and dogmatic abstractions of the real (solid-invariant) are not bound blindly to a concept of secularism. Whereas secularism in Turkey, the Republic of nationalism, populism and statism as qualifications, our country was formed according to the date and true. Therefore, it is not correct to define these qualities as Western imitative concepts or only dictionary meanings. These were determined by Ataturk both with words and practice, and the harmony and integrity they provide has formed the thought system we call "Kemalism". As a matter of fact, Ataturk said, "The country that we live in, the homeland we live in, the Turkish nation that we draw from, and the leaves of the history of nations, which have recorded many disasters and suffering," said all the reform laws regarding secularism; There have been breakthroughs towards modernization aimed at removing the tutelage of religion from the state on the one hand, and preventing refugees and bigoted people from being oppressed on the other.