Mevlüt Çelebi

Keywords: Occupation of İzmir, Advisory Committee, Anatolian Delegation


Difficult times awaited the Ottoman State, which was defeated by the First World War by signing the Mondros Armistice. While the Allied Powers, who had agreed to share the territory of the Ottoman Empire while the war was continuing, they started to implement these plans, while the minorities increased their activities after the Armistice. The Ottoman Government, which had to face the dangers created by the Allied Powers on the one hand, and minorities on the other, started to pursue a policy aimed at making the past forget, especially the period when the Union and Progress was in power. This policy has two aspects: The first aspect is the passive foreign policy, which is careful not to contradict the Allied Powers and especially England, and the second aspect is the domestic policy that aims to create stability and an image of a state of mind by eliminating the unrest between minorities and Turks in Anatolia.