ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Nuri Köstüklü

Keywords: Isparta, Defense Law Society, National struggle


In our recent history, the period of National Struggle has an outstanding place. Because this period includes the years when the independence and destiny of the Turkish nation, the Turkish state were determined and the great gains were experienced. However, it cannot be said that the researches carried out to date has been handled in all aspects of the National Struggle history and put forward scientifically. In particular, the Mudafaa-i Hukuk Societies, which have been very important to the success of the Turkish independence movement, which was formed and embodied under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, has not been determined yet. Moreover, these societies bear the greatest responsibility on many important issues such as the formation of the National Struggle for Struggle, the public intrusiveness of Mustafa Kemal's directives, the formation, and replenishment of the National Forces and the formation of the public. When this is the case, in order for the National Struggle to be fully and correctly understood, it is essential to investigate and put forward the Mudafaa-i Hukuk Societies. In this study, while dealing with the Isparta Defense Law Society with all its aspects, which has provided extraordinary aid to the front established in the west of Denizli and even made great efforts to announce the justice of the national case to the country and abroad through rallies and protests, it has been neglected until now. Some clues will also emerge about the general character of the Mudafaa-i Hukuk Societies, one of the most important institutions of the period. When examining the society that is the subject of our research, we must first look at the developments before the establishment.