ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Şöhret Mustafayev

Keywords: Erivan Khanate, Azerbaijanis, Russians, Ottoman, Iran, Armenians


This article is about the policy applied to Armenians who were forced to emigrate into the Erivan Khanate which is a historical territory of Azerbaijan in 18th - 20th centuries and also the massacre implemented against the native Azerbaijani Turks as a result of this policy. The details of the Armenian-emigration policy from various parts of the world especially from the territories of Iran and Ottoman to Azerbaijan in the consequence of the occupying policy of Tsarist Russia who is eager to occupy historical Azerbaijani territory and intending to afford advantage on this territory have been analyzed in this article. Based on the various sources in this article, we have aimed to illuminate the activities of Tsarist Russia during the period of wars against Iran and Ottoman which were considered as great powers in the region and its collaborative activities with Armenians after the wars and also it has been discussed the history of the relations of Erivan khans with Ottoman State in order to move against the emigration of Armenians, by preserving independence, to the territory of Erivan Khanate. Generally the correspondences of Erivan khans with Ottoman Sultans during the battles against foreign occupants have also been mentioned occasionally in this article. The demographic census results carried out around Erivan in the period covering the occupation of Erivan Khanate on October 1, 1827 until the end of 20th century have been tried to be proved by documentation and the facts occurred in Azerbaijan as a result of the assimilation policies of last 200 years.