ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

İzzet Öztoprak

Keywords: Adana Conference, Adana negotiations, Turkish foreign policy, British polllicy, Soviet pressure - threat, Casablanca Conference


Stalingrad battle at November 1942 and the agreements issued at Casabllanca Conference were the rnain developments resulting in Adana Negotiations. It was also resulted from some agreements issued between Churchill and Roosewelt at Casablanca on certain subject. In this study, political aspects of the Adana negotiatıons were evaluated crİtizing the coincidences and differences of the British policy performed by Churchill with the Turkish side's. More attention is paid to cover the first hand sources in interpretation and critizing the events. Other topics handed in the text are the evaluation of the policies of the Allİed Forces on Balkans and Near East and the Sovİet policy especially about Turkey and Balkans to an extent the negotiatıons covered. It was determined that the Soviet pressure, an event very important for Turkish side, had been also another important subject discussed at Adana. High pressure performed by Churchill on Turkish side to include them in war on the side of Alllied Fores determined to be one of the other important aspect of the negotiations with the upmost attention of the Turkish side to protect national interests as much as possible. Reflection and interpretation of the Adana negotiation at foreign and local public opinion forms another part of the study.