ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Seydi Vakkas Toprak

Keywords: Tanin Newspaper, The Population Exchange, The Treaty of Lausanne, Prisoners of War, Mosul Oil, Ottoman Foreign Debt, the Evacuation of Occupied Places


While the Lausanne treaty negotiations were going on, intense discussions were being carried out in Turkey. Istanbul press was, in general, publishing against the negotiations and on the other hand Ankara press was publishing in favour of the treaty. After the Lausanne Treaty was signed the publishing in favour of the treaty increased and the ones publishing against it decreased the amount of critiques. Tanin journal which we searched to understand this period approves the importance of the Lausanne Treaty providing the independence of Turkey but still continues its critiques about the pending subjects like population exchange, Mosul issue, war compensation and borders. Tanin Journal which follows the signing of the Laussane treaty, the confirmation of it in the parliament and carrying out process day by day announces the reflection of the treaty in Europe to Turkish public opinion by the way of giving excerptions from the foreign press. Especially citing the articles like Economical domains published against Turkey in the European journals it points out the exact independence of Turkey.