ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Mehmet Önder

Keywords: Atatürk, Museums, Museums in the National Struggle Years, Museums in the Republican Era


Atatürk started to be interested in museums that store and display the documents of national culture and national history since his student years. While he was at the Military Academy, he visited the Military Museum in Istanbul several times, while he was a Military Attaché in Sofia, he participated in a dress ball that he brought from the Military Museum with the Janissary dress and arms. Dr. We learn from what Disaster Inan tells us. Before the Great Attack, there is another incident related to Atatürk and Turkish museology. Ataturk came to Konya on April 1, 1922, although Russian Ambassador Aralof and Azerbaijan Ambassador Abilof were present, and made investigations in Konya until April 4, 1922. On this trip of Atatürk, we see that he spent the day of April 3, 1922 with his guests, Mevlana Lodge, Konya Museum (Museum-i Hümâyûn Konya Branch), Seljuk and Ottoman period architectural works in Konya. Ataturk, after the installation of the Republic: "The foundation of the Republic of Turkey is culture, republic, rich is based on the Turkish national culture," he mentioned once again the importance it attaches to the Turkish culture, museums have been singled out as places where Turkish culture is maintained its tangible assets and exhibited. Until the Republic, the Museum-i Hümâyûn, which is a State Museum where there are archaeological artifacts in Istanbul, and this museum has branches in the main cities of Anatolia, but most of them are museum warehouses.