Hüner Tuncer

Keywords: Turkish Woman, Women's Rights, the history of turkish women


It is an indisputable fact that the civilization of a nation can be measured in a society by the importance given to women. In times when the social value of women was not understood or evaluated sufficiently, societies could not develop and progress. Although the female population accounts for roughly half of the world's population, women have always lagged behind in terms of social rights compared to men, because they have often been regarded as slaves or property of men. In general, the woman found her true personality with the change of the social structure. In other words, after the transition from a feudal society to an industrial society, women started to gain more importance in society. The industrial revolution in the late 18th century and new discoveries in the scientific and technical fields radically changed the place of women in society and forced women to assume new tasks and responsibilities outside the homes. Apart from their traditional duties in the family, they had to directly participate in the production of their country and take on new responsibilities in business life; This is one of the main reasons why women demand new social rights. However, it can be said that the first concrete results of women's struggle for liberation can be achieved after the Second World War.