ISSN: 1011-727X
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Sadi Borak

Keywords: Mrs. Latife, Mrs. Latife's Life, statements to journalist


Journalist Ward Price came to Istanbul as a war reporter at the end of the First World War and made interviews with the people of the daily era on behalf of the Daily Mail newspaper. Price, who stayed in Pera Palace Hotel, also met with Mustafa Kemal. Pasha rescued Istanbul by stopping the attack of Anzac Corps in Canakkale three times in a row and migrating them to the beach and also hit the Allies by disconnecting the Russians and the Allies. Ward Price is always after Atatürk. Atatürk married Latife Hanım in Izmir on 29 January 1923. For Price, this is an unmissable journalistic event. Now he is always behind Mustafa Kemal and is in the effort of an interview appointment. Atatürk returned to Ankara on 20 February 1923 with Latife Hanım. Price wanders around Atatürk in order to get an interview with Latife Hanım. This embarrassing and acar journalist finally gets his desire. He manages to make an appointment for the 26th day of 1923. Price's interview appeared in the 6th March 1923 issue of the newspaper Tevhidiefkâr.