ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Osman Gümüşçü, Nazan Karakaş Özür

Keywords: Science in Atatürk time, history of geography, foundation of modern geography


The period of 1915-1941 which is the introduction of modern geography period into Turkey in history of geography hasn't been examined enough. In this period, very important institutional changes and innovations have occurred in the geography field. At the same time these years include the last years of the Ottoman State and the first years of the Turkish Republic. The very important political events that affect the world, such as the dissolution of the empire, the First World War and the emergence of a new state, coincide with the same time frame. The role of Ataturk as a soldier, commander and statesman on the developments in the period cannot be discussed. The Period which starts with the foundation of geography department at Darülfünun in 1915 and eventuates with the esteblishment of Turkish Geography Congress in 1941 is divided into branches in itself. Events related to institutions were effective in this classification. These are the establishment of the Republic of 1923 and the transformation of Darülfünun to Istanbul University in 1933. During the period analyse, schools, prelector and works have been taken into consideration related to the geography, and the data have been created according to it. Thus, the general evaluation of the period has been made. In this study, it has been researched within the framework of the classification named as "The Foundationand Organization of Modern Turkish Geography (1915-1941)" made by Gümüşçü (2014). According to this, in the related years, the number of trained personnel, prelectors and schools has increased compared to the previous years and the universities have started to graduate. The researchers who have been sent abroad have started to return and have started to work, the prelectors, who came from abroad at various time periods, have provided to form and shape the geography formations.