Nusret Baycan

Keywords: Fevzi Çakmak, Fevzi Çakmak and His Life, military life


Marshall Fevzi Çakmak was a great soldier, a distinguished personality of Turkish morality and character, a commander who trusted his love and affection. Hitting and infallibility in his decisions was based on the logic and accuracy in his views and thoughts. The reasons for the beliefs were very strong. He had never been pessimistic in any circumstances, and had instilled his optimism with his behavior and appearance. Their speech was plain but very strong, smooth and immersive. He adorned his criticism with aphorisms. The great wars division of Marshall Fevzi Çakmak, who represents exactly the qualities of great people and great soldiers and provides great services to this cherished homeland, started with the chief of staff of the corps and army-level units in the Balkan War, starting with the First World War and Ten years until the end of the following War of Independence lasted on the battlefields of various fronts, during which time the division commanded the corps and armies.