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Cemal Enginsoy

Keywords: Atatürk, United States of America, Atatürk in US Politics


Encyclopedia Britannica, a documentary value of encyclopedic works, Ataturk "... a distinguished Turkish soldier, statesman, and reformer ..." immediately identifies and adds the following comment: "... Mustafa Kemal's Turkey recovery his struggle has inspired many states in Africa and Asia to collide on the road to independence ... ". The encyclopedia is not alone in this assessment. I would like to emphasize this issue with examples from Eastern and Western literature. Great Indian poet (and Nobel Winner) Rabindranath Tagore: "... Kemal came past of the glorious memories of again being there on until we in front of us a new Asian model in Europe was called the sick man of Turkey. However, this new Asia model that Kemal realized was a new life hope for the Eastern countries. In this respect, the spirit brought by Kemal is worthy of the highest respect and admiration ... ". On the other hand, the American Professor, who is known for his investigations about Atatürk. Dankvvart Rustovv evaluates Ataturk's success as follows: "... Kemal's greatness lies in his tripartite success as the defender of his country, the founder of the Republic, and a well-established reformer ...".