Mustafa Alkan

Keywords: Hüseyin Rauf Orbay, Navy Army, Hamidiye Attack, Mondros Agreement, National Struggle, Council of Minister


Hüseyin Rauf Orbay vvas bonı in İstanbul in 1880. Hisfather is Admiral Mehmet Muzaffer Pahsa. His mother is Hayriye Ruveyde Hanım. He went to Cibali Primary School. His Secondary school is Trablus Military School. He attended high school in Heybeliada Navy School. He joined Navy Army as a üeutenant in 1899. He vvorked on various vvarship by 1918. He vvas knovvn by Hamidiye Attack during Balkan Wars era. İn First World War, he fiehted in Iran i an side. He Worked as a Navy Army Leader. He vvorked as a Navy Seruent in the goverment that vvas established af ter the vvar. At the same time, he singed Mondros Agreement as cheaf delegate. He attended the Ottoman Assembly on behalf of representitive after the Kongre during Turkish Independence War. Meanvvhile, he vvas exiled by English having being arrested. After he vvas releived in Malta, at first he vvorked as Minister of Public Works then he became prime minister and representitive Turkish Great National Assembly. He took part among the foıınders of the Terakkiperver Republic durin the Republic era. He became İndependent vvhen his party vvas abolİshed because of Şeyh Said Rebel, He vvas charped vvith İzmir assassination against Atatürk. At that time, he couidn't return to country being abroad. He retıırned toTurkey in 1935. He vvas appointed as a London Embessador in 1942. He left the goverment duty asking his retirement. At the end, until he died in İstanbul in 1964, he spent his follovviııg life travelling and giving lectures, conferences in Universitİes. Hüseyin Rauf Orbay is an important sol d i er and politician at the time from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic