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Veysi Akın

Keywords: United States, Turkish people, Turkish lobbies, Turkish Welfare Association, new turkısh republıc


The first immigrants from Ottoman Em pire to United States vvere arrived iıı 1860, In fact, first immigrants İncinde not only Turkish people, but Greeks, Syrians and Armenians. The main purposes of immigrations vvere find god jobs, and made good many. Most of the Turks among Ottomans immigrated to the USA vvere east part of the Anatolia and Ottoman Europe, called Thrace. The first Turkish immigrants vvere settled in Industrial cities such as Ne w York, Detroit, Worches ter, La vv rence, Youngstovvn, and Pİttsburg and vvorked in their different factories. Because of their limitatİon of English language, they had very difficıılt time and therefore ali of them lived together as a big community. They generally attended Turkish coffee çenter because they felt more secure. After that, they established ''Turkish Welfare Association" and this association vvas the first Turkish Lobbies İn the United States. Iıı short times, TWA made biggest contribution for Turkish community brought them together and played very important roles against Turkish community from other lobbies, for example Greeks and Armeııİan diasporas lobbies. Particularly, during the Lausanne Treaty, TWA tried to change lots of false arguments and propagandas prodııced by Armenians and Greeks against ne w Turkish Republic and made a valuable atmosphere for new Turkish Government in the USA. Because of World War 1, Turkish - American relattons vvere blocked in 1917. On the other hand, this relationship has started again in 1927