ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Mehmet Okur

Keywords: Ali Rıfat Bey, Mürsel Bey, Commander, English, East Anatolia, Caucasia, Prisoner of war


To take under control Caucasia and East villages and to become an effective force in these places, apart from occupying the strategic point of the region, it was necessary for the English that the Ottoman army was to be discharged and to be disarmed and the military and civil cervants who were in the vanguard of the organization of Turkish Nation were to be taken away from their duties an even to be arrested. On this subjet, the unity on which the English mostly insisted was the 9 th Army Commendershİp. Apart from the fact that this commendership was in a stronger position than the others, it had been resisting against the disarming and discharging activities and it had been in the vanguard of organİzing of the public against Armenian activities. For this reason, The English began to take away or arrest the commanders of the unities con- nected to the 9 th Army by relating them any event or by putting forv/ard that the armistice contravened. Mr. M ürsel, the the Commander of the 5 th di Vision connected to the 9 th Army and Mr. Ali Rıfat, the Commander of the 12 th division, were only the two of them among the commanders who were follovved by the English and then arrested by any excuse. Mr. Mürsel was being held responsible for conniving the massacres in mastering of Bakû. And Mr. Ali Rıfat for destroying the Kars radio- set and Telegraph station., In spite of the fact that the claims about both of the commanders were unfounded, they had been arrested by the English army governers in the region becouse of the ineffective and submissive policy of the Ottoman goverment.