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Şaduman Halıcı

Keywords: Newspaper Tanin, Çanakkale - Dardanelle, Gelibolu Yarımadası Gallipoli Peninsula, Boğazlar - Straits, Anafartalar


The balance between the big industrializing countries broke down as Germany achieved its unity in XIX th century. The economic and political benefits made German and Austro-Hungarian Empire get closer. England, France and Russia took place against them. The tension between the two groups turned to a battle as crown prince of Austro-Hungarian Empire was killed. Ottoman Empire declared its neutrality proclamation when the war began. Hovvever, after a short while, it joint the war beside of German powers as a result of Enver Paşa's efforts. Ottoman Army had a heavy loss because of cold weather and diseases in Sarıkamış. On the other hand, Russia started to lose against Germany because of its social and economic problems. England and France decide to pass through the Straits in order to save Russia. They were also planning to end the war. England and France began to implement their plans by making the maneuvers first from the land then from both land and sea with the back up of their colonies. But they sustained defeats one by one in Gelibolu, (Gallipoli) the land to where they came with great expectations, and had to evacuate the peninsula. Newspaper Tanin, the one who advocated that Straits couldn't be passed as a spokesman of ittihat ve Terakki Committee, watched the maneuver with a great attention. It described the war as a new battle between İslam and Christianity. Throughout the War, it kept dwelling upon the military conditions of both sides and the reasons of the defeats of both allied powers and success of Turkish soldiers via news, comments and the letters which were sent by front correspondents. It called attention on the fake publications of France and England press. It called out the nation on duty for the requirements of the army. It criticized the movements of allied powers those were not obeying the Law of War and they invited the Government to take precautions. They welcomed the Çanakkale Glory with great enthusiasm and evaluated the consequences of the glory for Turkey.