Umut C. Karadoğan

Keywords: Navy, Navy Organization Regulations, Torpedo, Dreadnought, Navy Minister, charity, food supplies


Last stages of multi-national states have always been painful and has lead to conflicting interpretation. Ottoman empire got its share from this development. After 1877-1878 ottoman- russian war army commanders indicated that military forces of the neighboring states had been a big threats in their report to the government and also required an army that was powerful and was able to keep up with modern age's requirement and to be equipped with modern weapons without losing the time. Of course preference of land army was on German's side By the intention of perform reform programme required by army, Ottoman government started to take necessary measures for recruitment of the armed forces and the new skeleton/framework and management structure of land army was almost complete in the years following announcement of II. Constitutionalism. In the same period Ottoman empire prepared "organization regulations" (1910) but came in force in 1911 and it was being in force until 1913. With this regulations Ottoman army structuring have been partially recovered from unwieldiness and have been converted to mechanized units. One of the applications that was preferred by Ottoman government in order to improve the army was technology transfer by employing foreign personnel. By this application organisation and education system of army underwent a fundamental change and also financial and administrative authority of army has been restricted. Army officers were impressed with western culture and western style training system that was applied in the military.