ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Taner Zorbay

Keywords: Non-Muslims, Pogrom, Balkan Pact, ENOSIS, Minority, Communism, Martial Law, Compensation


September 6/7 Events, which took place during the government of Democratic Party (DP), constitute something more than a simple foreign policy issue. Explaining these events, again only just as an attack against Non-Muslims, and with religious based feelings, seems to be seeing only one angle of the issues. Within this context, firstly the background of the events has been examined, and the reasons behind were taken into consideration. Following this, the beginning, evolution and outcomes of the events have been examined. Then, the reflections of the events, both during TGNA meetings, as well as in media and the public sphere are recalled. Moreover, based on some interviews with non-Muslim communities in Turkey, a non-political view to the events is given. In our paper, besides details about assessment and compensation damages after the events, other reflections that come out until the coup d'état of May 27 were also explained. Within this frame, Yassıada Trials, which took place after the removal of DP from the government, were also focused. The writer of this paper, thus, hopes that September 6/7 Events are remembered again, and to answer the question of how far the DP government has a linkage with the events.