Kemal Yakut

Keywords: Turkish-Arap Relations, Turkish-Syrian Relations, Arab World, The State of Hatay, The Association of Turkish-Arap Friendship


The Arab nationalism emerging in the period of disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, acquired a political character in a short time. Arap nationalists begun to act in order to establish their national-states under the control of England and the other Western imperialist states. However, they did not only achieve their goals, but also they confronted some mandate regimes. During that period, Arap nationalists made intensive propaganda against the Turks. Sanjak (Hatay) become one of the most important troubles which influenced the relation of Turkish-Syrian and Turkish-Arap, from the First World War to the Second World War. The government of Turkey gave priority the protect the political rights of Turks living in Hatay. Then, the Turkish government caused to found "Hatay Government" and to consolidate the position of Turkey over the region. At that time, the Association of Turkish-Arap Friendship was established in Egypt. Thus, the politics of Turkish government could be defended and the negative opinions about the Turks began to be changed in the Arab world.