ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Selma Yel, Halil Özcan

Keywords: Turkish Great National Assembly Government, Albania, Mustafa Kemal, Military Aid, Selahattin Saip Bey


Albania has secured its independence just after the Balkans Wars, before constitute its the country had found itself under attacks, occupation and in war again just like what happened in Turkey. Being split from the Ottoman Impire's territory, Albania's lands has faced attacks of Serbia, Montenegro, Greek. And occupied by Italy, France and Austria during the 1st World War. The threaten of Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy has been continued after the 1st World War. In 1920 both Turkey and Albania Government had been forced to be in warfare against the imperialist states and their allies. Mustafa Kemal has charged Selahattin Saip Bey to help the Albania to from the national army for both reasons of strategic and historical relations between two countries. This case is an indication of the fact that Mustafa Kemal endeavoured not only for the independency of Turkey but other oppressed countries as well.