ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Hamit Pehlivanlı

Keywords: Ahmet İhsan Pehlivanlı, large tent of Abdurrahman Bey, Keskin, Kırşehir Community of Guard Law (Müdafai Hukuk Cemiyeti), Legal Advisor of Ministry of Internal


Ahmet İhsan Pehlivanlı who has entered to the second parliamentary that announced the Republic, and went on this duty at the third Parliament as well. Before being of Member of Parliament, he has served as a successful judicial member in passim of the country as judge and prosecutor. He has not feared for taking charge in the Communities of Guard Law in accordance with the country's occupied in patches on the basis of the Mondros Armistice Agreement that was signed I. World War by the Imperialists. When he was as a judge in Kırşehir, it is known that he played a part for establishing of the Community of Guard Law (Müdafai Hukuk Cemiyeti). Thus, in remuneration for these services, he was rewarded with the War of Independence Medal after the Proclamation of the Republic. He has had a successful life as a jurist, politician, and bureaucrat in the several Government grades.