ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Hüseyin Tosun

Keywords: Democracy, Ottoman State, Republic of Turkey, multi-party Parlamentary System, being Democratic


In Turkey, the efforts for setting the democracy have almost 200 years historical dewelopment proun. The process that began Sened-i İttifak in 1808, by Proclamatton of Kanun-i Esasi in 1876 contineduntil today as a art of the Republic. In this process, the experiments of multi-party system between 1923-1938 period of foundation of Republic, but not became successful. When it is appeared the winning part will be democratic countries in the Second World War, the party in power put into practice this decision for setting multi-party system considering the appropriateness of inner-out dynamics. As a matter of fact, 4 years later, in the conclusion of elections in 14th May 1950 the changing of power is realized with democratic methods in Turkey. But today, democracy became never and ever unavoidable life style for Turkish people even it become in diffucult. In this work, the process of developing of democracy thought and historical application in Turkey is scrutinized.