Osman Akandere

Keywords: Organisation (Teşkilât-ı Mahsusa), National Struggle, National Resistance, Akbaş Ammunition, Rıza Bey from Drama


Rıza Bey from Drama was charge with attempting to assassiııate Sadrazam Ferid Pasha and he was hanged on June 12, 1920. He was a committee man and a member the Secret Organisation (Teşkilât-ı Mahsusa). He was also a distinguished statesman who struggled for his country and his people at the beginning of National Struggle. He was one of the pioneers of national resistance and organisation. We also see him as a commander of a detachment. He played an important role in suppressing the first Anzavur rebellion as the commanders of pursue detachment. He was also the most important person in attacking the Akbaş Ammunition in order to get the necessary gun and ammıınition for National Forces. His relatİvely short life is full of stormy and tumultuous events. He struggled for his country and died for its sake.