ISSN: 1011-727X
e-ISSN: 2667-5420

Fahri Yetim

Keywords: National Struggle, Turkish Foreign Policy, Imperialism, Absolute liberty


The diplomatic aspect of the Turkish national war of salvation is a topic of separate research. There are lots of researches done on this field. One of the defects of these researches is their inward perspective deprived of historical context. This deficiency makes the comprehension of the place and unique attributes of the Turkish national struggle within the wars of liberty of the 20th century almost impossible. The Turkish national strugle is known to have resulted in the establishment of a Turkish national state. War and diplomacy are among the most important instruments of modern world systems, whereas the Turkish national struggle broke out during a historical timespan when war and diplomacy converged and complemented eachother. Some approaches of principle, on the other hand, became a starting point in the course of events in Turkish national struggle. As a result of the diplomatic activities conducted in accordance with these principles centered around the idea of absolute liberty and global equality, the principal objectives of the Turkish national struggle could be attained. In this research, the approaches of principle and sample practices allowing a better conception of the unique attributes of the Turkish foreign policiy are examined. In doing so, the multi-faceted aspect of the topic is tried to be highlighted.