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Refereeing Process

Atatürk Research Center uses the Publication Tracking System (YAY-SIS) in the refereeing process as in all other publication processes. Scholars who are experts in the fields of social sciences who want to be a referee / reviewer for the book and article publication processes can become a member of the system by using the link Those who are members of the system can be appointed as referees according to their fields of expertise.

The names of the referees who undertake the task of reviewing the articles to be published are included in the issue in which the article is published. In addition, referees can obtain a refereeing certificate through YAY-SIS. For the articles that are decided not to be published, a refereeing certificate can be obtained through YAY-SIS or a letter stating that the refereeing has been conducted can be requested from the institution by petition.

Refereeing Process

The Journal for Atatürk Research Center uses the “Blind Refereeing System”. Authors and referees cannot have information about each other.

A referee must make a decision in the way of “approval”, “rejection” or “correction” for the relevant article within one month. Authors must complete what they are suggested to do in the “correction” reports sent to them through the system within 1 month and upload the corrected version of the article onto the system.

Articles corrected by the authors are sent back to the relevant referee and the referee is given a 15-day period for review.

In order for the article to be published, it must receive the “approval” of 2 referees. If one of the referee reports is positive and the other is negative, the article is sent to a third referee. The decision on whether to publish an article in line with the referee reports is made by the journal’s Editorial Board. The articles that are decided whether to be published or not by the Editorial Board are submitted to the approval of Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History’s Executive Board. The articles approved for publication by the Executive Board are published in an appropriate issue, taking into account the application dates. Rejected articles are returned to their authors with the justified decision.

Royalty Payment

The Journal of Atatürk Research Center is prepared and published using public resources. No fee is charged from the authors. Authors and referees are paid royalties in accordance with the provisions of Copyright, Publication and Sales Regulations of Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History.